Storm Damage Insurance

Every year, severe storms pose a real threat to homes right across Australia. Storms generally include violent weather consisting of strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and/or lightning – often accompanied by hail, tornadoes and/or flash flooding.

The widespread occurrence of storms across the nation is not something to ignore, particularly if your home or business is located in an area that is particularly susceptible to such events. If your property or possessions are affected by a storm, you want to know you have the appropriate policy in place to cover associated loss and damages.

Moran Insurance Brokers has specialist expertise dealing with storm damage insurance, both in arranging and negotiating cover, as well as managing the claims process which is typically long, drawn-out, tedious and upsetting for those without a good insurance broker acting as their advocate.

The unfortunate reality is that during times of public catastrophe, such as the days, weeks and months following a severe storm or natural disaster, insurers are bombarded with customer claims. As a result, it can be harder than ever to communicate with them and have your matter settled. In this situation, you need an insurance broker to handle the process and see that your claim is processed in a smooth, accurate and timely manner.

Here at Moran Insurance Brokers we are here to help you throughout the whole insurance process. Please feel free to contact us for more information on storm damage insurance, as we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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